Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

In 1987, maybe 1988 me, my sister, parents and grandparents and 3 children of a family friend Tracey Rosemary and Louise travelled from Ipswich up to Fig Tree Pocket in Brisbanes outer suburbs to the world famous Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

Yes that little cute blonde kid is me.  I can not remember one thing from that day but I know 3 things for sure.  1: my love for animals just grew 2: that would not be the last time I would go to Lone Pine and 3: I’m still uber cute.

A short history.

Lone pine was established in 1928, making it the worlds oldest and largest koala sanctuary.  Over the years it has attracted a pope, members of royality and way to many celebrities to fit into this post.  Also it has attracted people from  all over the world, all coming wanting to get close to the iconic Australian fauna, kangaroos emus etc.  but of course they come to the parks name sake, to cuddle a koala.


Lone Pine Today.

Today Lone Pine displays more of australias animals, from dingos and Tasmanian devils to the beautiful birds you can find in this country.  They have a reptile house showcasing some of the  deadliest snakes in the world aswell as frogs and turtles.


One of the most popular highlights of the park is their world class platypus exhibit.  Entering its dark room allows you to get as close as you could possibly get to these amazing animal without getting your feet wet.  Watch as they swim and blindly feeding for yabbies using their highly sensitive bills.

One of my personal favourite parts is the live bird of prey show.  Bringing out various Australian raptors from owls, eagle and even a peregrine falcon, they show off how they fly hunt and eat and even get the barn owls to fly right over the heads of the audience.


Of course the other major attraction here is large open area with free roaming kangaroos – red and grey – wallabies and emus.  I can never not come here to feed and just chill out in the shade with them.  If you are lucky you may even get a glimpse of joeys sticking their heads out of their mothers pouch and maybe get to see their awkward steps jumps out in the open.

If you are ever in Brisbane, or live here I recommend coming down and checking it out.  For a simple small sanctuary in a leafy suburb it offers a lot of experiences.





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