Melbourne part 2: Insert Train lyrics here

The Empire Strikes back, the second episode of the original Star Wars trilogy has us following A New Hope, a movie that introduced us to this journey and ends on a high note.  However this part gets more intense and is generally considered the best of the 3. Seriously, wait till my part 3 of this Melbourne trip and you will get it.  Ok, everybody get the analogy?  Good, now start the crawl.

“It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although the Death Star has been destroyed, Imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy.”

Due to my awesome body clock I wake at 6am.  With only 2 hours sleep and still drunk, I’m staring at the roof only 2 feet above my head.  After a bit of self convincing I finally get up, have a shower, have breakfast and think about what to do for the day.  Even though my main goal for this holiday was to have no plans, there were a few things I did need to do while I was here.  In part 1 I went to the museum and in part 3 – spoilers alert – Luke and Leia are brother and sister, and I go to the zoo.  Today, it’s a trip to Mistys Diner.IMG_20160611_115042

Tucked away in Prahran is a 50’s themed American diner.  Serving everything American 50’s Diner. From milkshakes and floats, onion rings and jalapeno poppers.Snapchat-739129089479698929 Burgers, hotdogs and pretty much everything else USA including pumpkin pie which happens to be my favourite desert.  So long story short, after the insane buffalo burger onion rings and root beer float, I was to stuffed to eat pumpkin pie.


After a pretty amazing lunch and a pretty awesome reason to have to hit the gym hard when I get home, I decide that while I’m over this side of the city, St Kilda sounds like a good idea.  You know, I’m a tourist.  I make my way to Balaclava station to start my walk to St Kilda Beach. Halfway through the walk the weather decides to turn.  Not a 180º turn as the weather was already pretty miserable, cold and overcast, more like  43º.  The heavens remind me that I’m still in Melbourne and drops as much rain as it possibly can on me.  I try to get some shelter under a tree but it really didn’t offer much refuge.  As soon as the rain eased off I continued on my way.IMG_20160611_125449

I finally make it to St Kilda and I am greeted by an absolutely creepy face, inviting you into his mouth.  Who knew Luna Park was in St Kilda, well not me as it turns out.  But that wasn’t my plan which obviously was to get to the beach and be absolutely frozen from the already cold weather, strong bay winds and the fact my shoes were still wet from the aforementioned rain.


And also to check out some of the amazing artwork St Kilda has to offer.  As lovely as the area is, and given better weather I would have liked to spend more time there, but after ten minutes enough was enough and after a few wrong turns I made it back to the station and eventually back to my bed.

Later the night it turns out that I’m heading to karaoke. Unlike the night before however, very few drinks and many songs were sung.  My singing abilities are definitely below par but i totally rocked the fuck out of “We didnt start the fire” and my favourite song, The Bee Gees classic “I started a Joke”.  Then there was 1 am pancakes and then laying in bed with the realisation that todays antics will probably get me sick.  Side note, it did.



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