Melbourne Part 3: The third of the Stars Wars metaphor

So my morning starts as the same was it did the morning before, waking up at 6 with only a few hours sleep.  This body clock I tells you.  Though because of the pitch dark room, I am allowed to doze off for another hour, which I eagerly take on.  Todays plan is Melbourne Zoo, which, if you know me or have read my other posts, you knew this was coming.  After getting a quick bite, watching my train come and then leave without realising I needed to be on it I’m finally on my way.

As I sit here writing this I’m trying to work out a way to write this without sounding like I’m pinpointing every single animal and saying how cute and amazing they were.  I pretty much saw every display so you may as well just go on the zoo’s website and just look at the animals yourself.  Already this is starting to feel like Return of the Jedi, the third instalment of the trilogy, coming across kinda forced to end the story while introducing furry animals to get everyones attention and buy merchandise.

Ok, They may not stay long.

So back to the zoo and the one major change there from the last time I was there about 4 years ago is that they have this amazing free range lemur enclosure.  Basically an aviary for lemurs and that is every bit exciting as it sounds.  Find yourself a rock to sit on and they may randomly chill next to you.  What really gets me in attractions like this is when people want to touch the animals.  I mean sure, they are used to people and if there was actually areal danger it wouldn’t be open like this.  But still, don’t touch the damn Lemurs. Anyhoo, verdict, you get to sit and hang with lemurs and that can not be undone.

The next attraction really shouldn’t come as any surprise, is the butterfly house.  Essentially its a large greenhouse with hundreds of butterflies flying around you.  And if you are really lucky they will land on you, while people will point and laugh like its the most absurd thing to ever happen.  Now if that doesn’t sound exciting to people, well in the timeless words of Men Without Hats, “Well they’re no friends of mine”.

*Update*  Ok, I have been so slack between starting writing this and now.  Like months slack.  In between this time i had a bit of an issue with having my camera bag stolen, along with my camera and my notebook with all my notes on this trip.  All of this was written up, and now I have no idea.

I do Have new stuff coming really soon and i hope to really attack this blogging thing really soon.




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