Damsels and Dragons

So when I started trying to create my watermark I knew I wanted  I wanted more than just my name and it just seemed obvious that I needed to somehow add a dragonfly to it.

When I first taking photos of invertebrates I was doing  pretty simple creatures, spiders and beetles etc. and not too much that gave me much of a challenge.  While reading and researching the medium the constant  advice I kept hearing was that taking photos of fast-moving insects like dragonflies and butterflies was a challenge, even when they are sitting still they are so sensitive to even the smallest movements.  So my challenge was on.  One morning I was down at my local creek I came across a few dragon and damselflies flying around.

This was the first time I got to see through the lens of my camera.  The patience of working out where they will land is a challenge within itself, let alone having to slowly crawl towards them along dirt and gravel only for them to fly away again, then having to wait again not moving until they land back in that same spot.  The thing with dragonflies are that they are very territorial, and they will generally land and on the same few spots.

Being able to finally photograph these beautiful animal was amazing, however I found myself starting to forget the challenge and get entranced with these tiny insects.  A lot of times I will just sit (or lay) there and just watch.  These animals are constantly watching everything, even when they where cleaning themselves or eating a just caught mosquito.  More importantly they observe me.  Every millimetre I move forward I’m being watched.  With no fear within as this looming creature comes closer because it knows within a second it will be out of there.


I still have not been able to capture any in flight at this stage, but I will find myself just watching them as they dart across waterways, attacking prey and chasing rivals out of their territory.  Soon I hope to actually get underwater to watch and capture the larval stage which are just as exciting as their airbourne stage. For what started as a challenge to photography has turned into an obsession with an animal that has lived on this planet basically unchanged for over 300 million years, one of the very first animals to take to the skies.  And hopefully ill get to see capture many more Damsels and Dragons all around the world.558803_725915160757541_1706163430_n



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